Why Is A Bad Economy Good For Ice Cream Businesses?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

During a bad economy or financial crisis, many businesses suffer. People may not go out to eat as much or may scale back shopping and other indulgences. However, a bad economy does not affect ice cream businesses as it does other industries. Ice cream offers comfort food for bad days and special occasions and is an affordable pleasure during in a bad economy.

Ice cream is comfort food

When times are bad, people may stop making unnecessary purchases, but going for dessert instills a sense of comfort and security. Comfort food is perfect for hard times and ice cream is one of the most popular and versatile comfort foods. When times are rough, people turn to the familiar items of their past that are safe and give them pleasure. Something about ice cream reminds us of a simpler time. Indulging in the creamy sweetness of this dessert can make us smile, even during tough financial times.

Events happen every day that can cause a craving for comfort food, like a scoop of ice cream with chocolate syrup. Breakups, getting fired, and your car breaking down are all events that can sometimes be helped by a simple dessert, if only slightly. During the recession of 2008, ice cream businesses reported a 20% increase in sales. Of course, when the economy is good, people still need comfort food, which keeps profits high for ice cream businesses.

Ice cream can be used for special occasions

Even during a tough economy, people still have birthdays and special occasions like weddings, christenings, retirements, and anniversaries that are still in need of celebrating. Ice cream can be an essential part of these special celebrations. Ice cream cakes, pies, and specialty desserts are eaten during the holidays, and on special occasions, during a good and bad economy. When the economy is down, people still need these delicious desserts. When the economy is good, consumers may spend even more on frozen desserts for a variety of occasions.

Ice cream is an affordable pleasure during in a bad economy

In a bad economy, going to the movies, to a restaurant, or to the bowling alley or arcade seem like expensive ways to pass the time. Many people give up these types of fun for cheaper alternatives. Fortunately, ice cream is an affordable treat that you don’t have to empty your wallet for. Going out for ice cream can be fun and rewarding, and less costly than taking your family to the movies or to an expensive restaurant. Buying this dessert still feels like a treat.

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