What Types Of Ice Cream Cones Are There?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Anyway you eat it, ice cream is a delicious and creamy treat, but one of the most popular ways to eat this dessert is in a cone. Ice cream cones are portable, fun to eat, and require no additional utensils, making them a convenient way to eat ice cream. Cones have come a long way from simple sugar styles. Today, cones can be chocolate-dipped or sprinkle-covered, and there are even gourmet waffle cones. With so many cones available, there are many ways to enjoy your favorite customized ice cream dessert. Although you may enjoy the benefits of eating ice cream cones, do you know the history of this desert and the all the types of ice cream cones available?

The benefits of eating ice cream cones

The biggest benefit of eating ice cream from a cone is portability. It is easy to eat an ice cream cone on the go, because you don’t have use both your hands to hold a bowl and spoon. Ice cream cones are generally less messy and perfect for kids. You do not have to worry about waste when you are done eating an ice cream cone, because there is no bowl or spoon to throw away. Ice cream cones add flavor to your frozen treat. The cones are usually sweet and crunchy, which complements the creamy ice cream inside perfectly, bringing two great tastes together for a decadent dessert.

The history of the ice cream cone

It is not exactly clear who invented the ice cream cone first. However, by the time the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair came around, the cone was the popular new way to eat ice cream. Marketed as an edible cup, the cone became instantly popular at the fair, with over 50 ice cream booths serving the brand new invention. Before 1904, Europeans were eating ice cream out of paper cones, which may have paved the way for the idea of the edible ice cream cone. People living in England were already indulging in what would become the modern ice cream cone prior to the 1900s. In the United States, Charles Menches of Missouri started putting ice cream scoops in pastry bags, creating a portable ice cream treat. Waffle irons were adapted back in France in the 1820’s, establishing the first ever waffle shaped cones.

The types of cones

While the first waffle cones were made from folded waffles, later cones were created from thin layers of homemade wafers. Today, there are several popular types of ice cream cones, including thick, crispy waffle cones made in waffle cone irons. There are also sweet wafer cones you purchase at the supermarket and crunchy sugar cones that most fast food establishments use.

As time went by, ice cream cones became more and more interesting, with ice cream shops creating custom cones. These could be dipped in dark or white chocolate and garnished with candy or chocolate chips. Waffle cones shaped like bowls, which are called waffle bowls, were also created. These cones can be easier to eat from than a traditional cone, but offer the same edible benefits.

Many ice cream businesses offer premium ice cream flavors that go beyond the standard chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Enjoy a scoop of peanut butter cookie dough, key lime pie, or birthday cake in a handmade waffle cone or traditional sugar cone. Create a sundae cone by adding hot fudge or caramel, or topping your creation off with sprinkles, candy, fruit, and whipped cream. Combining ice cream with toppings and cones offers endless opportunities and ways to enjoy your favorite flavors.

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