What Are the Advantages of a Co-op vs Franchise

Friday, February 15th, 2013

When you find yourself standing on the brink of a new ice cream business, it means you are about to make some major decisions. One of the most important choices you will ponder is how to structure your business. Will you operate as a stand-alone franchise and take on commercial challenges by yourself — or will you give yourself an extra boost and join a coop? A helping hand in business is critical to its success and a business coop can give you that advantage. Here is why choosing a coop — such as Kaleidoscoops — is exactly what your business needs to prosper.

Comprehensive Support

Coops are essentially built-in networks of support that come in many forms. At Kaleidoscoops, that support covers just about every facet that you can imagine for your business success. Franchises may have an established brand, but at the end of the working day, you are on your own. Location and marketing are your singular responsibilities. Without comprehensive research and consultation, these can prove quite burdensome. By joining a Kaleidoscoops coop, a group of like-minded peers lightens your load. Need a storefront? Kaleidoscoops helps you find it. Need a marketing plan and presentation? Kaleidoscoops shares its customer demographics and builds the company website for you. Want to maximize your profits? Kaleidoscoops not only helps ensure your profit goals, it helps you find even more opportunities. Franchises cannot give you that type of support.

Complete Understanding

Kaleidoscoops understands the specifics of running an ice cream business. Back in November 1999, some ice cream business entrepreneurs met up in Dallas to discuss the industry, sharing concerns and advice along the way. From this, a coop was born. By forging like-minded interest and goals into a compassionate collective, ice cream business owners gained a strong ally in the form of a loyal coop called Kaleidoscoops. Running an ice cream business comes with its particular set of needs. Kaleidoscoops not only anticipates your coming needs. This coop knows every aspect of the ice cream world, inside and out. Franchises are limited to understanding the needs of its specific brand — if that is even understood at all! There is nothing limited about Kaleidoscoops’ industry knowledge. Once you join, that knowledge becomes yours, too.

Clever Investment

The potential profitability that you can reap from your ice cream business far exceeds the investment of joining Kaleidoscoops. Interestingly, the initial membership fee is quite minimal compared to your future fiscal return. Purchasing a franchise, part of what you pay for is the established brand. You can hope to receive business guidance that pays off, but it is far from guaranteed. Kaleidoscoops has gathered the research, covered the bases and knows the landscape. All you have to do is join and prosper. You can hedge either your bets with a franchise— or go with a sure thing, otherwise known as Kaleidoscoops coop.

Help yourself by joining others. Become part of the Kaleidoscoops  family and ensure commercial success for your ice cream business!