Using A Milkshake Machine Vs. Blender

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Drinking a milkshake is a fun way to sip your favorite ice cream flavors. Ice cream combined with milk creates a traditional treat, but modern milkshakes can include add-ins like fruit or candy. No milkshake is complete without whipped cream and a cherry on top. While there are several ways to make this delicious treat, not all of them yield the same result. Let’s explore why using a professional milkshake machine instead of a household blender is the best way to ensure the consistency and taste are on point. We will look at the differences between using a machine or a blender as well as the benefits of using a milkshake machine.

Differences between using a milkshake machine or a blender

For starters, milkshake machines are specifically created for one purpose; to make high quality milkshakes. The machines are built to make the perfect tasty product, and they work quickly and flawlessly to provide you with the best milkshake available. Using a longer shaft, these machines take less time to blend up the ingredients than an actual blender. The special shaft also keeps your treat thicker, creamier and colder than a blender.

When you pour ice cream and milk into a regular blender, it swirls around but does not get thoroughly blended. A milkshake machine combines the components completely for a more delicious taste that isn’t watery or thin. This machine gives you more control over your creation. You can aim the stem wherever you need more blending. This control ensures the treat is evenly blended, a regular blender cannot compare.

A milkshake machine also froths the milk and ice cream, making a thicker, tastier treat with just the right consistency. The stem aerates the ingredients, while a blender simply rotates the ingredients. Getting the right thickness is one of the most important factors of the perfect milkshake.

Benefits of using a milkshake machine

Milkshake machines have no blades; therefore, they are safer than blenders since there is less risk of injury. This machine has one job, and the user-friendly controls are made to accomplish it without the aid of complicated settings or buttons.

Additionally, if there is leftover product, you can leave it in the chilled mixing cup and give it to customers like an old-fashioned soda fountain. If you use a blender, the leftover product must be poured into a different container, usually uncooled.

Milkshake machines are also durable and should last many years. These machines are made of stainless steel, die-cast metal, and chrome, and include a powerful motor that won’t burn out like blenders do with excessive use.

A high-performance milkshake machine can whip up other types of creamy drinks, including fruit smoothies, frozen coffee creations, and fresh fruit-filled milkshakes. You can even add pieces of cookies, nuts, or candy to the machine to make a sweet treat with something a little extra inside. If your business is booming and milkshakes are high in demand, you can purchase a machine that blends two or three drinks at the same time.

Use your milkshake machine for old-fashioned malts, healthy frozen yogurt smoothies, or malted milk concoctions. This versatile machine is not limited to simply milkshakes, but an array of frozen drinks that your customers are sure to love.

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