Types Of Ice Cream Sundaes

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

One of the most popular types of creamy confection is an ice cream sundae. These sweet treats are typically made with vanilla ice cream and topped with hot fudge, nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry. However, today’s decadent dessert has taken the traditional sweetness one step further to provide consumers with a mouthwatering treat beyond their imaginations. We will explore the construction of the sundae; old fashioned and the trends of the day. When it comes to ice cream, every day is like a sundae.

Sundaes of yesterday

As with most good things in history, the ice cream sundae was an accident. In Illinois, 1892, patrons often headed to the soda fountain for an ice cream soda after church on Sundays. However, in Evanston, IL, there was a law against selling soda water on the Sabbath. The soda fountains got creative and served the ice cream with the flavored syrup, minus the soda water. The result was the first ice cream sundae. It was such a hit the new dessert became a permanent fixture in soda shops and ice cream parlors everywhere.

Putting it together

Though there is a tried-and-true method to build an ice cream sundae, there are many ways to craft the dessert to meet your needs. Traditionally, this dessert was made with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries. Later, other sauces were used, including caramel and fruit sauces such as pineapple and strawberry. Now-a-days, any flavor of ice cream can be used with any flavor of sauce, and include any type of topping. These toppings range from traditional nuts to fun flavors like chocolate chips, candy pieces, gummy bears, to pieces of fresh fruit.

Today’s sundae trends

Along with waffle cones, milkshakes, and ice cream topped with candy and fruit, ice cream sundaes still rank as one of the most popular frozen desserts available. However, today’s sundaes vary widely from the simple soda fountain creations of the past. Today, these desserts are creative and delicious, and sometimes include a theme to make the ice cream sundae even more amazing. A heavenly chocolate lover’s concoction may be chocolate ice cream and fudge sauce topped with brownie bits. A birthday cake ice cream drowning in caramel and whipped cream along with sprinkles and cake pieces can celebrate a special occasion.

Brownie, cookie, and cake sundaes are also popular. First, layer a brownie, warm cookie, or cake slice on the bottom, then top it off with ice cream, sauce, and the rest of your toppings for a delicious dessert. A s’mores sundae may have chocolate and marshmallow sauce and crunched-up graham crackers. A turtle ice cream sundae offers caramel sauce and pecans for the taste of a candy turtle.

Candy ice cream sundaes are popular across the country. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on top of warm peanut butter sauce and chocolate ice cream is a true treat. Cookies and cream topped with Oreo pieces and fudge sauce is always a hit too. Whether you add fruit, nuts, candy or cookies, sundaes are a way to personalize your dessert with your favorite tastes.

Every day is like sundae

Today, KaleidoScoops offers much more than the standard vanilla and chocolate combination. Patrons can pick any flavor ice cream they desire to build the sundae of their dreams. These flavors include the beloved chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla as well as modern tastes like Carrot Cake, Key Lime Pie, Birthday Cake, and Rainbow Sherbet. KaleidoScoops offers 433,000 sundae options so you can have a different sundae each time you walk in the door!

We create our signature ice cream sundae using two scoops of your favorite flavors. Then we pour on hot caramel, fudge, butterscotch, or strawberry sauce topped off with whipped cream, crunchy nuts, and a cherry for the ultimate customizable sundae experience.

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