There’s Something Special About An Ice Cream Shop

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

There is something about an ice cream shop that evokes childhood feelings of happiness and nostalgia. With a deep history that spans centuries, the ice cream shop continues to be an important part of our culture. There are literally millions of flavor combinations with all the different ice cream products available. Young and old alike have enjoyed this American institution and the sunny atmosphere it creates for generations.

The history of the ice cream shop

The ice cream shop has been part of American history since the first store opened in New York City in 1776. Originally, ice cream was hand-made by each store. This process was initially labor and time intensive; therefore, flavor selections were quite limited. The first factory in the United States was built in 1851, with subsequent advances in the manufacturing process. Industrial refrigeration allowed this yummy treat to be more affordable and readily available. It quickly became a popular frozen treat for everyone to enjoy by the early 1900s.

Ice cream products

Ice cream shops offer both eat-in and carry-out options. There are a wide variety of products available such as low-fat, sherbert, gelato, soft-serve and sorbets. More than 200 years later, hard ice cream, also called hand-packed, is still the mainstay of most ice cream shops.

There are just as many ways to eat these treats as there are flavors. Cones and sundaes with toppings are always popular choices. Milkshakes, signature sundaes, parfaits, and novelty items such as ice cream sandwiches are fun alternatives. A bowl of this wonderful frozen dessert can be enjoyed with your choice of candy toppings, crushed cookies, nuts or sprinkles.

The sunny atmosphere of an ice cream shop

These shops are often decorated in bright colors. Some aim for a nostalgic feel back to the 50’s in a temporary escape to another time. Either way, these shops are always fun and inviting.

Ice cream shops are popular destinations for families with children. The family-friendly atmosphere allows time together that everyone can enjoy. Being able to take your children and grandchildren to the same shop you went to as a child is always a special treat.

Summer months are when ice cream shops have the most customers. Family outings, outdoor and recreational activities, and increased foot traffic at this time of the year all contribute to a boost in business. There was a time when these businesses would close for the winter due to decreased demand. However, many shops now stay open year around and capitalize on those who cannot wait for the warmer months for their frozen fix.

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