The Invention And Types Of Ice Cream Scoops

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

The are several factors that go into creating the most delicious bowl or cone of your favorite ice cream flavor. Premium ingredients, unique toppings and crunchy cones are just a few considerations. However, one of the most important and overlooked factors is the ice cream scoop itself. With the first invention in 1878, today there are many scoops available when it comes to transferring this dessert from the freezer to the customer.

The invention

The first scoop was invented in 1878 by George William Clewell. This tool eliminated the need to use two spoons, which was what ice cream purveyors had done prior to this invention. With a key that turned, this product allowed you to drop the frozen dessert from the scoop into a dish. This tool required two hands, but it didn’t take long for someone to improve upon the idea with a lever scoop that required only one hand.

Other designs

Today, the lever design is still used, but other versions have come along to make it even easier to dip ice cream. Some modern versions include the mechanical scoop, which uses a bail to slide the ice cream out of the scoop when you press the lever. Another newer design is the warming scoop, which makes digging into this frozen dessert a cinch. Flat types, called ice cream spades, work well for soft ice cream. Most designs are made of stainless steel and some have an ergonomic handle to make scooping easier and less tiring on your hands.

Most popular designs for businesses

When it comes to choosing an ice cream scoop for home use, the sky’s the limit. However, most ice cream shop owners prefer the look and feel of stainless steel or aluminum scoops and spades. Warming scoops have become quite popular since they reduce dipping time, which is handy when you have a line of customers waiting. Teflon coated scoops are also commonly used and easy to keep clean after a long, busy day of serving up creamy creations to your customers.

For more information about ice cream shops

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