The Advantages Of Joining Professional Organizations As A Coop Shop Owner

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Many coop shop owners probably do not consider becoming involved in a professional organization. As you juggle a wide range of responsibilities both at home and work, how can you possibly make time for more meetings and activities? However, the benefits for coop show owners of joining professional organizations are invaluable. Whether you join a professional organization with a specific focus, the local chapter of a national trade organization, or an industry-specific group, you’ll get access to a wealth of valuable contacts and information.

Learn from the experience of others

Many people join professional organizations early in their career to get a mentor. Professional  organizations can pair their newer members with older members who have extensive experience. Even when there is no formal mentoring program, a professional organization provides a platform for gaining guidance and valuable insight that can make all the difference, especially when you’re just starting out in the industry.

When you join a professional organization, you get a directory with contact information for all of the current members. Many organizations also have an online forum in which members can ask and answer questions. You’ll get insight from peers and the professional organization’s executives, many of whom have more experience than you do. You can share stories and advice with one another about ideas that do and don’t work, specific products that do or don’t work well, and new products on the market.

Professional support and networking

While a coop is under an umbrella corporation that provides support and insight, it can also be beneficial to consult with other industry professionals. The coop shop owners in a professional organization all have the same goal of growing their own shops as well as promoting the industries that are related to their business. You can work together to stay ahead of current challenges, broaden your knowledge base and improve the industry.

Professional organizations are also a great place to network. Whether you’re hiring new employees, planning to expand, or looking for new opportunities within the industry, you may be able to get leads from fellow members. If your professional organization hosts an annual national conference or monthly regional events around the country, consider attending. Many of these events include casual and professional settings to network with fellow members as well as job fairs. The relationships that you cultivate through professional organizations can last for years and even decades, providing a rich, ongoing source for inspiration and ideas.

Updates on industry standards and regulations

There are a number of professional organizations that offer information about the industry that is not available elsewhere. You can gain access to up to date compliance, safety, policy issues and standards. You can also familiarize yourself with the current local, state, and federal government regulations and procedures. For example, if there are any state legislative developments that may impact the industry, you will get information about it.

Discounts and incentives

A professional organization membership often includes a free or heavily discounted subscription to the organization’s publication. Many organizations also include access to other free or discounted online resources, publications, CDs, DVDs, downloads, and journals. Additionally, the membership may make you eligible for discounts or special rates on conferences and seminars. For example, you may qualify for priority registration special offers on hotel rooms or car rentals.

Professional recognition within the industry and with customers

Industry executives, fellow coop shop owners, and customers alike look for accreditation. Professional organization membership increases  your credibility. You will also have the resources and professional development opportunities that you need to further your skills and keep your accreditation up to date including publications, workshops, and courses.

Finally, many coop shop owners do not have the time or resources to sponsor charitable events, participate in community initiatives, or partner with educational institutions. Professional organizations are often active in philanthropic and civic ventures. From hosting a career day for local high school or college students to providing a scholarship, you can make a lasting difference within your community through the professional organization.

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