How To Store Your Ice Cream In A Freezer

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

There are several ways to keep ice cream fresh while it sits in your freezer. You should think about where you store your ice cream, how you store it, and your freezer’s temperature in order to ensure that it will still taste great. The following tips will help you understand how to properly freeze your favorite frozen treat, even if it is leftovers from an ice cream shop.

Keep your ice cream extra cold

Ice cream is best when it is stored under 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Check your freezer’s thermostat and adjust the settings accordingly. This dessert does not take well to changing temperatures. Ideally, ice cream should be frozen at a low temperature, defrosted until scoopable, and eaten entirely. This is ideal because every time the temperature increases, some of the ice crystals melt. Re-freezing this treat means those ice crystals reform into larger ones, taking away its creamy texture.

Making your ice cream as cold as possible will eliminate any refreezing issues as long as it is stored properly. When you open the freezer door, warm air enters. It is best to keep this dessert in the back of your freezer and stored beneath other frozen items. This storage method protects your ice cream from thawing. Also, do not leave this dessert on the counter for very long.

Use airtight containers

All ice cream contains fat, which can soak up the flavors from the air within your freezer. To keep your frozen treat from soaking up that week old fish smell, use a container that has a tight-fitting lid. If you want added security, place a layer of plastic wrap between the lid and the ice cream.

Air is responsible for freezer burn as well. Freezer burn crystallizes and dehydrates the top layer of the ice cream. A tight lid will help, although air trapped inside the container will still damage it over time. No matter how airtight your container is, extended amounts of time in the freezer will lessen the flavor of your dessert.

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