Special Flavors For Special People

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

On a hot Friday afternoon, a Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream Shop owner came in with ice cream for everyone in the office. Some of his flavors were the old standbys – vanilla and chocolate – but he also brought in his own concoction of  pickle ice cream.  Yes, pickle ice cream just for Sara, who is pregnant. Since his shop was part of a co-op and not a franchise, he has the flexibility of creating his own flavors, for those special people and special occasions.

Using influence of the culture to plug in

As a Kaleidoscoops owner, you are able to plug directly into your demographic using the influence of the culture around you, and even old wives tales, in order to meet the demands of a particular locale or customer base. Co-ops rely on independent and locally sourced influences to build businesses that are as unique as the customers that frequent them. Franchises, on the other hand, are generally prohibited from going “off book” with their branding ideas.

Specify & anticipate: the power of collective information

Rather than focusing on defining one corner of a market; co-ops operate under the freedom of collective information. Since 1999, Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream Shop co-op owners have been developing the storehouse for information on every aspect of the ice cream world, not just the statistical advantages of one company over another. While running an ice cream business does come with a particular set of needs, it is important not to limit that knowledge base. Otherwise,  a valuable opportunity or lesson to learn gets missed. In a nutshell, franchises run the risk of missing a high percentage of opportunities daily because they limit not only the knowledge they draw from, but accessibility to that knowledge. Co-ops, however, collect and share information together as a whole. Each individual storefront may be different from the next, but they draw from the same pool of support and information. This balance of expert-level knowledge and individuality means that every owner can offer something unique and tailored to their specific location. It gives them multiple niches in a single market. Customers love it and continue to come back because each location offers something special. It’s the successful business owner who is able to anticipate the needs of the target demographic and make changes to the meet those needs using the latest knowledge available.

Co-ops also offer comprehensive support, sound investment advice, the input of other owners and more resources you can use to build and launch your business plan, whatever it may be. Compared to a franchise the startup costs are low and there are few extraneous fees to pay. You can access and use resources at any time, even in connecting with fellow co-op owners to compare notes. This is truly a signature step into business ownership.

If you’re ready to take that first step, our company can help you get there. We believe that there are many avenues within the industry that will take you to your goals. Get your startup kit by clicking here. If you have questions about any of our products or would like additional information, you can connect with us via email by clicking here or you can call our corporate office at (806) 570-2287. From there, the sky is the limit. Let your expertise, supports, and imagination be your guide as you start this journey into independent business ownership and be your own boss.