Ring In the New Year With KaleidoScoops!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

New year brings new opportunities, especially for new businesses. So, if you are in the ice cream business, or looking to get into it, listen up! Now is the perfect time to shore up your marketing campaign and make sure it works to your business’ advantage. An excellent way to do just that is to join Kaleidoscoops, the leading ice cream business co-op.

This is the perfect New Year’s resolution for your ice cream dreams and the concept is time-tested and true. Almost thirteen years ago, a group of like-minded ice cream businesses got together and formed a collective to sustain their individual business operations. That network grew into a loyal and successful co-op that has continued to help entrepreneurs just like you.

Starting an ice cream business can be very challenging. Upstart costs, marketing plans, and website design — there is an exhaustive list of things to do to get a business up and running. That is where joining a co-op can be the best decision you will ever make. By gathering the proper support, you can turn those initial challenges into outright success! For example:

Marketing Plans

Gathering the necessary demographic information and customer profiles is a chore within itself. Kaleidoscoops has you covered there. After being at this for a while, this co-op has a firm grip on the ideal market and target areas. Joining the co-op of your business peers is a practical and helpful way to tap into that information. So, when you are ready to market your business, all you have to do is take advantage of the research that has already been done.

Website Build and Design

Designing and building a website for your ice cream business can entail a lot of time and money. The fee to join the co-op is a fraction of what that can cost you. Even better, Kaleidoscoops can have your website up and running in no time because it pays and builds the website specifically for you. With more than a decade of ice cream business success, the odds are heavily in your favor that the website will reel customers in.

Future Opportunities

The Kaleidoscoops co-op is a lot more than a mere network because it does not stop at support. The Kaleidoscoops family believes in growth and that means keeping an active eye on potential expansion opportunities and new flavors. For instance, Raspberry Rapture and White Turtle Sundae are two delicious flavor suggestions currently floating around the co-op! That is wonderful for you because you get the benefits of a strong foundation and invested peers scouting other yummy opportunities on your behalf.

There is truth in the golden adage of there being strength in numbers. Join a co-op and find that supportive strength because you do not have to go it alone. This New Year, join the Kaleidoscoops family and ensure the support you need for a winning business venture.

*If you would like more information, or even a chance to meet with other co-op members, keep an eye out for a calendar of events that will be published in approximately two weeks.