How To Properly Cut An Ice Cream Cake

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

The ice cream cake, a mixture of pastry and frozen treat placed together, is a convenient alternative to serving traditional desserts. Ice cream cakes can present a challenge to those who only know how to cut traditional cake. Your cutting technique will have to be adjusted in order to slice through the ice cream and cake evenly. There are a few tips you can follow when it comes to thawing, cutting, and serving your ice cream cake. Following these suggestions will help you get a nice, even slice out of this dessert.

Thawing an ice cream cake

You should remove your ice cream cake from the freezer about half an hour before it is time to serve. This time will allow the dessert to soften before cutting. Homemade versions of this dessert often thaw quickly, but commercial made products are frozen at a lower temperature, requiring more time to soften.

Cutting the ice cream cake

It is best to cut this dessert with a long, serrated knife. Place the knife in a glass of hot water to warm it before cutting the ice cream cake. Be sure to dry excess water off the knife before you begin to cut. After cutting several slices, the knife will become cold, so you will need to rewarm it before cutting again.

Serving ice cream cake

You will need to serve this dessert at a location which is out of direct sunlight. Cut the cake into triangular pieces and serve it on individual plates. A great option to cut out any mess would be to serve the slices in small bowls. The ice cream may begin to melt and the bowl will catch the mess.

Storing your ice cream cake

Return any remaining dessert to the freezer directly after serving. It is best to store leftovers in an airtight container. Ice cream cake should stay edible longer than a traditional cake since it will be frozen.

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