Most Favored Ice Cream Flavors According To Manufacturers And Consumers

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Ice cream is such a big part of American culture. According to the California Milk Board, 90% of U.S. households consume this frozen dessert regularly. We all have our favorite flavors, whether they are traditional or something a little more daring. Here is a look at the top ice cream flavors according to manufacturers and the top ice cream flavors according to consumers.

Top ice cream flavors according to manufacturers

According to the manufacturers and distributors who are members of The International Ice Cream Association, America’s favorite flavor is vanilla. Their 2013 survey also found chocolate was the second most popular flavor and butter pecan came in third. Other top flavors include neapolitan, rocky road, and coffee, all of which tied for fourth.

As for toppings or add-ins; hot fudge, sprinkles and nuts were all popular. Pecans were the most popular nut, followed by almonds and peanuts. Strawberry and cherry were the most popular fruit toppings and ice cream sandwiches were the top selling novelty item.

Interestingly, this same survey found that premium products are in high demand. Premium ice cream has a higher butterfat content than its regular counterpart, creating a richer, creamier texture. Apparently, for all the talk in our culture about cutting fat and calories, we aren’t willing to compromise our ice cream! About 70% of those surveyed said that premium ice cream is still their most popular product.

Top ice cream flavors according to consumers

Harris Interactive also conducted a survey of adult consumers in 2013 and came up with distinctively different results about our favorite ice cream flavors. Chocolate came in as the number one flavor with vanilla a close second. Cookies n’ cream and cookie dough came in third, with butter pecan and mint chocolate chip fourth, followed by strawberry, rocky road and peanut butter.

Hot fudge was by far the most popular topping with 53% of those surveyed saying it was a favorite. Nuts came in second and whipped cream was the third most popular topping. Caramel, fruit, and sprinkles also made the list.

While vanilla and chocolate may sound too boring to some to be considered their favorites, those flavors gained the top spots with only about one fourth of votes each. This also likely accounts for the popularity of vanilla and chocolate as the base ice cream for other flavors such as vanilla fudge ripple and chocolate marshmallow.

Both of these surveys came up with very different answers about what we like beyond vanilla and chocolate. These answers seem to indicate the other half of those surveyed appreciate the ever-changing variety and creative concoctions offered by manufacturers and local ice cream shops.

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