July 20 Is National Ice Cream Day

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed that July is National Ice Cream Month and that the third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day. This year, that falls on July 20th. So you wonder, what makes ice cream so special that it should get its very own day? What can ice cream reveal about your personality? How should you celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

What makes ice cream so special?

In 2012, Americans spent $11 billion on ice cream and over 90% of us admit to indulging in the creamy cold goodness from time to time. With hundreds of flavors and topping options, ice cream is an adaptable treat that you can eat all summer and even all year round. You can enjoy a scoop in a bowl or on top of a waffle cone. Ice cream makes a great milkshake or is the perfect base for a banana split. You can even get whole cakes made out of ice cream. Get a couple of your favorite cookies and put a scoop of ice cream between them for a yummy ice cream sandwich. Ice cream is perfect for all kinds of events for children and adults.

Discover your personality traits on National Ice Cream Day

Research indicates that your favorite ice cream flavor reveals your personality traits. For instance, vanilla seems to be a dull, boring flavor.  But actually, people who choose vanilla as their favorite are known to be dramatic risk takers who are emotionally expressive and eternally optimistic. Incidentally, vanilla is the favorite flavor of all, according to some findings. If strawberry is your personal favorite, you are considered to be thoughtful and logical. You carefully examine all options before making a decision and you are comfortable working behind the scenes. Chocolate chip lovers like to compete and relish in their accomplishments. You are generous with time and money,and you are ambitious in love. The creamy, nutty, rich goodness of Rocky Road reveals a desire to  balance personal charm with common sense practicality. You are aggressive in the business world and prefer encouragement to criticism. Coffee lovers enjoy the moment. You throw yourself into everything you do. You are lively, dramatic and flirtatious. As you celebrate National Ice Cream Day, consider what your flavor choices reveal about you!

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with KaleidoScoops

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