Coffee flavored Ice Cream with a Caramel Ribbon and Chocolate covered Espresso pieces.

Daily Grind was developed about 4 years ago. Cedar Crest receives various product inclusions from various manufacturing companies during the year to be considered for ice cream flavors. We had received a chocolate coated coffee bean from a manufacturing company and everyone who sampled the chocolate covered coffee bean felt it was an excellent product. The chocolate coated bean was very intense and we felt it would be a terrific addition to a coffee flavored ice cream. At the time, Cedar Crest was expanding the ice cream pint line and it was felt that it would be beneficial to add a coffee flavored ice cream pint. Coffee and coffee shops at the time were very popular and Cedar Crest felt it would be a strong flavor addition to the ice cream pint line. So, Cedar Crest developed the flavor and all we needed was a name. We had a name the flavor contest among all our employees and Daily Grind was the name that was chosen. The person who came up with the name was a college student at the time. She was working in our ice cream parlor that is located at our ice cream manufacturing plant. Thus, Daily Grind was born or should I say “brewed”.