Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with a Caramel Swirl and Brownie Pieces.

Big Muddy was a flavor that was developed from our annual 4-H contest. Every year for the past 5 years Cedar Crest sponsors a contest with the 4-H kids in the state. Every 4-H group can enter the contest and can come up with the next winning 4-H flavor of ice cream. Besides coming up with a flavor they also must give the flavor a unique name for that flavor. The winning 4-H group receives an ice cream party, $300 towards their 4-H club and bragging rights for the year for developing a new ice cream flavor. The Big Muddy entry was quite unique. This was a young 4-H member who wrote their flavor and drew a picture with the leader captioning what the young 4-H child was explaining about the flavor. What was most telling was when they wrote the name Big Muddy this is how they spelled it “Big Mubby”. The typical confusion with “d’s” and “b’s” at a young age. This flavor went over so well that it was not only a 3-gallon feature flavor but can be found in retail pints. When the flavor was produced the following summer the winning 4-H group always gets a 3-gallon tub to be served at one of their upcoming meetings.