Ice Cream Cake Flavors, Themes, Shapes And Sizes

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Your favorite cold creation doesn’t just come in a scoop on top of a cone or in a sundae drenched with fudge and whipped cream. Ice cream cakes are the perfect combination of cake and ice cream and they make any celebration, holiday, party or special occasion a real treat. When it comes to ice cream cakes, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. These desserts come in a variety of flavors, themes, shapes and sizes to fit your needs.


If it comes in an ice cream flavor, it can be made into an ice cream cake. You can customize this dessert to your exact tastes. Some popular flavors include cookies and cream, chocolate and vanilla. Choose any flavor of ice cream and mix it with your favorite cake flavor for a delicious, personalized treat.


Of course, there doesn’t have to be an occasion to indulge in an ice cream cake, but there are many ways to incorporate the tasty treat into just about any event. A peppermint or eggnog themed ice cream cake works well for Christmas, while a pumpkin pie theme tops off Thanksgiving. This dessert is a fun addition to a baby shower, birthday party or wedding reception. There are many themes available to ensure your ice cream cake works for any occasion. This dessert can also be customized with a special birthday or celebration message written in frosting.

Shapes and sizes

The best thing about ice cream cakes, aside from the thousands of flavor combinations, are the many shapes and sizes that make your dessert unique. Some shape options include rectangular, square and round ice cream cakes for a beautiful, eye-catching dessert. Sizing options depend on how many people you are looking to serve dessert to. For example, a small size can have about 6-8 servings, while a large size can have up to 25 servings usually.

For more information

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