Ice Cream Business Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

In order to run a successful ice cream business, you need to have customers, so having an effective marketing strategy is important. How do you make sure to get plenty of customers through the doors of your ice cream shop? There are many things you can do to increase your profits and help build a loyal customer base. State your marketing objectives and find your target market. Analyze the competition and choose your marketing strategies. Working with a marketing professional is also a good idea to enhance your ice cream business marketing strategy.

State your marketing objectives

You should have a good idea of what kind of results you expect to get from your ice cream business marketing strategy. Form these marketing ideas into specific and measurable objectives. If your goals aren’t measurable, you will not really know if your ice cream business marketing strategy is working. A goal like “increase profits” is too general and you may not be happy with the end result. A better goal would be to increase your ice cream shop’s profits from milkshake sales by 2% next month. If you are working with marketing professionals, make sure to be clear about your marketing ideas and what you hope to achieve for your ice cream business.

Find your target market

Being able to identify your target market will help you better understand your customers. Some formal marketing research may be necessary depending on your goals. You can start by observing ice cream shop customers that already come to your business and analyzing any data you might already have.

You may be aware that your ice cream shop is busier at specific times or that certain types of customers come at other times. By identifying the different types of customers you have, you can use the marketing techniques that are most effective for each customer. When you know what motivates your customers, it is easier to give them an incentive to come to your business.

Analyze the competition

Knowing about the competition is a smart move for any ice cream business. Gather as much information as you can about what your competitors do, where they are competitive and weak, their business model, and their market share. For example, if your ice cream shop competitor offers a weekly e-mail coupon, it is probably an effective marketing strategy for them. Since potential customers in your area are already conditioned to look for and use those coupons, this strategy might work for you too. You could use a similar offer for your ice cream business, or use a different type of coupon. Getting to know your competition can offer many advantages and give you the chance to find your company’s niche.

Choose your marketing strategies

Since you have several different types of customers, you will most likely need multiple marketing strategies to effectively reach them. Some examples of strategies you might consider are using a website and making sure it focuses on your ice cream products. You can also send offers through an e-mail list or direct mail. Consider sponsoring local community events or sports teams, offering print coupons for ice cream, and using social media. Marketing strategies such as organizing contests or special promotions and advertising them in your store, on your website, or through social media can also be effective.

Working with a marketing professional

Entrepreneurs are busy people. Not everyone wants to put as much energy into ice cream business marketing as might be needed to get the desired results. Luckily, there are marketing professionals that can help with your marketing strategy. In addition to saving you some time and effort, one big advantage marketing professionals offer is a fresh perspective.

A new ice cream business may need different types of services than shops that have been around for a few years. If you don’t have an advertising budget already in place, you might want to create one before you start looking for someone to help you. Budgeting is an important first step for any marketing strategy.

Other reasons you might consider hiring someone include wanting a more professional public image and needing a more unified marketing strategy. Replacing marketing campaigns or techniques that are no longer working for you can also be done by a professional. A marketing professional can be useful for finding new and unique ways to promote your products and services.

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