How To Start An Ice Cream Shop On A Small Budget

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Starting your own business is part of the true American dream. If you have a sweet tooth and you are a fan of ice cream, opening an ice cream shop is a natural choice. As a first time business owner, you may be working within a small budget. Finding ways to cut costs is critical for getting your ice cream shop up and running. The following tips will help you get your ice cream shop started without breaking the bank.

Choose an affordable property in a desirable location

Selecting the right location is critical for the success of your new ice cream shop. You can have the best ice cream in the state, but if no one can find your ice cream shop, your business will not make it. Ideally, you want a busy area with lots of foot traffic and minimal competition from other ice cream stores. If you choose an outlet mall, make sure that it has three or four solid anchor stores that get plenty of traffic. Ultimately, your location needs to work well and stay within budget.

Seek out discounts and sales on furnishings

From overhead lighting, exterior signage, paper goods, and waffle cone bakers, there are many supplies that you may need for your ice cream shop. Prioritize your spending, placing the greatest importance on the equipment that is instrumental to the success of your business. For example, while you should not skimp on your storage freezers, you don’t need top of the line desk chairs for your office space.

Whenever possible, take advantage of discounts and sales. Don’t be afraid to ask manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to price match or offer bulk discounts. Consider buying used and refurbished equipment to stay in budget as well. You may be able to get a great deal on a lightly used fridge or other equipment from a store that is upgrading their equipment.

Find cost effective methods to promote your business

Start simple with your advertising materials. It is easy to get caught up in the array of colors and patterns and end up ordering far more marketing supplies than you need. It is also important to remember that, over time, your business model may evolve and change. Do a limited run of materials before opening your ice cream shop, and then reevaluate your advertising after a few months.

Social media channels are a great way to cultivate relationships with other entrepreneurs and potential customers for little to no cost. Sharing engaging photos, videos, and other relevant content aimed at your target audience will build a solid customer base. You can also hold an ice cream social for the grand opening of your ice cream shop in which all customers get free ice cream. Allow customers to sample all the different flavors you offer during this event.

Interested in owning your own ice cream shop, but only have a small budget? Contact KaleidoScoops at (877) 426-8488 or Get The Scoop to find out the perks of becoming a co-op owner, which include keeping more of your profits and no franchise fees. You can also Contact Us by email to find out more about our premium ice cream products.