How To Beat Seasonal Decline

Monday, July 21st, 2014

For an ice cream shop the hot days of summer create the largest demand for the cold, creamy, tasty treats. But summer only lasts a few months. So how can an ice cream shop keep business strong in the cooler months? Your options depend on what type of business model you have chosen for your ice cream shop. If you have a franchise, the franchisor most likely will dictate the changes to use as the season comes to an end. Very few details are left to the franchisee. If your ice cream shop is set up as a cooperative business model, your choices are only limited by your imagination. For cooperative owners, create some special flavors and unique holiday treats. You might even consider adding some products to your menu. Sponsor seasonal events and take advantage of different marketing outlets. Above all, seek out the support by other cooperative owners. By using the freedoms of a co-op, you can manage every season with success.

Mix up some special flavors

During the holidays, cooperative owners can offer special flavors of ice cream to drive excitement and revenue. Everyone loves a limited time holiday ice cream flavor. The great thing about a cooperative is you have the freedom to mix up these flavors or create new ones. A great excitement builder is to create ‘staff picks’ of the week and offer them to customers during the holidays. It will be new and something ‘off the menu’ ice cream flavors  that customers will eat up. Franchises generally only allow its franchisees to sell approved flavors. In most cases, all franchises sell the exact same items.

Create unique holiday treats

As a cooperative owner, you will also be able to offer holiday ice cream cakes, treats, and pies. Use your imagination as well as your resources to create unique treats. This will be something customers will love to purchase and then take credit for at their own family celebrations. This is a terrific solution that will enhance their own holiday meals, as well as adding to your bottom line. In an effort to assure uniformity throughout a franchise, franchisees are limited to products that have been pre-approved by the franchisor.

Consider adding new products

As a cooperative owner, you can add other products to your ice cream shop. Many ice cream shops also sell coffee drinks, muffins, cookies, or doughnuts. Be supportive of your local producers. This makes each store unique while still marketing a national chain. On the other hand, franchises will not usually allow non-franchised products to be sold at their outlets.

Sponsor seasonal events

Another fantastic option for cooperatives is creating seasonal promotional events for your customers. If you want to have a special celebration, you will not need the approval of a corporate franchise. National franchises may be more concerned with being politically correct than offering a seasonal celebration. You will be able to hold events as you see fit and can market to your specific customers. It will be your option what holidays to celebrate and how.

Market creatively

One of the best benefits of being in a cooperative is the ability to market your business and promotions. You will be able to market on social media, at local events, in the high school athletic programs or anywhere you choose. You can create special promotions, coupons, and giveaways to draw more business in and keep your current clientele happy. Most franchisees must have marketing materials approved by the franchisor.

Cooperative support

Probably the most important benefit of owning a cooperative ice cream shop is the support you receive from other co-op members. The owners can share information, ideas and techniques freely so that each member can succeed. As an owner in the cooperative, you will have a vote in how the cooperative is run. Franchisees have little or no voice in company policy and there are numerous stories about how franchisees are set against one another creating an environment of hostility and competition.

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