From Passion To Profit: Tips For Successful Business Ownership

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

If your passion has led you to consider business ownership, we applaud your courage.  Although there are many exciting benefits to owning your own business, there are also many pitfalls. To avoid some of the pitfalls of business ownership, experts recommend you consider these tips:  focus your efforts, develop a commercial pitch, surround yourself with good advisors, trim the fat and balance work and life.

Tip #1: focus your efforts on what you know and love

Successful business owners recommend that you take the time to narrow your focus and interests to discover what business opportunities would be best for you. Business ownership is driven by profit, but profit alone does not make a business successful. When a business owner loves what they do, the profits will reflect that. You will see less burnout in the long run because your passion for your business will keep it going.

Tip #2: develop a commercial pitch

Develop a commercial pitch as a comprehensive and intriguing promotional device that shows your passion for business ownership and why your shop is the best choice. You can use this pitch anywhere, at any time to attract more business, better vendors, and lucrative community partnerships.

Tip #3: be aware of what you don’t know and surround yourself with good advisors


Some of the most successful businessmen and world leaders know that to be effective, you play to your strengths and surround yourself with trusted advisors. There is no way to know everything about business ownership, especially as you get started, but it is possible to have a support team in place for guidance. Seek out business professionals in your area who have knowledge and experience about how to start and keep your business going.

Tip #4: trim the fat from your expenses

Business ownership requires capital.  As you consider expenditures, be sure you look at what use this expenditure will have in your new business. Successful business ownership requires staying on a specific budget and expanding carefully. Stay away from big-ticket items and expense accounts that do not benefit your business financially.

Tip #5: learn under pressure, but stay healthy

The early years of business ownership comes with a lot of unknowns and stressors. Keep in mind that although a new business does require a lot of hours, try to maintain a balance of work, family, social and spiritual needs.  Learn to schedule and delegate duties to employees and to yourself. It is important to remember that to help your business thrive, you must thrive as well.

One option for business ownership is a cooperative business model.  KaleidoScoops offers potential business owners a chance to be their own boss with the support of peers, national brand recognition and lower start up costs.

If you would like more information about business ownership through Kaleidoscoops Coop, send us an email via Contact Us. If you’d rather, you can call us at (806) 570-2287.  We invite you to read more About Us.