Desserts That Go Good With Chocolate Ice Cream

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015
A scoop of chocolate ice cream is a classic dessert that will please many palates all on its own. However, if you have been yearning for something more, try pairing this frozen treat with another dessert for a whole new level of delicious. Other desserts that go good with chocolate ice cream include cakes and brownies, pies, waffles or crepes, and cookies.

Cakes and brownies

Cake and chocolate ice cream is a classic combination and one you probably experienced at many birthday parties as a child. For a more classic dessert, yellow, white or vanilla cake with a buttercream frosting is always a winner when paired with this frozen treat. For chocolate lovers, a molten chocolate lava cake can help you get your fix. The warm cake, along with the gooey “lava” middle compliments the cold, creaminess of the ice cream.

Another similar dessert option is brownies. A warm, chewy brownie with a scoop of chocolate ice cream is great for chocolate lovers. If you are in the mood for more of a flavor contrast, try blondies instead.


Pie a-la-mode is a delicious way to combine dessert flavors. Bananas are often paired with chocolate, so a banana cream pie with a scoop of this frozen treat could be a possibility. Another popular flavor to pair with chocolate is peanut butter. A scoop of this frozen treat might be just what you need to go with a slice of peanut butter pie. If you are concerned about “chocolate overload”, look for a recipe with a plain crust. Other pie flavors that could work well with chocolate ice cream are fruit flavors. Raspberry, strawberry, and cherry are all popular combinations that go well with chocolate.

Waffles or crepes

There are many recipes out there for dessert waffles or dessert crepes. These waffles and crepes are a little different and sweeter than the kind you are used to making for breakfast. However, this food would be wonderful with some chocolate ice cream on top, some whipped cream, and a little drizzle of your favorite sauce.


A soft cookie accompanying a scoop of ice cream is a simple and wonderful way to end your favorite meal. If you are looking for a flavor that won’t overload your taste buds, a sugar cookie works well here. Chocolate chip cookies are a popular dessert choice too.

Looking for a different way to combine cookies and chocolate ice cream? Try crushing or crumbling your favorite cookies and sprinkle them over the top of the ice cream. This will add a little crunch that is a nice counterpoint to the soft smooth texture of the ice cream. Another way to incorporate cookies into your ice cream dessert is to use them to make ice cream sandwiches. Two cookies with a scoop of ice cream squished between them is a fun treat for everyone!

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