Comparing The Different Flavors Of Vanilla Ice Cream

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Many people have a preference when it comes to their favorite type of vanilla ice cream. Typically, these flavor preferences are regular vanilla or vanilla bean. There are some differences and similarities between the two varieties that can help you choose your favorite.

Vanilla bean flavor

Some people refer to vanilla bean ice cream as the more real ice cream of the two flavors. The unprocessed grains found inside a vanilla pod can be tasted, and seen, throughout the product. This is where the ice cream gets its flavor. This variety of ice cream can be harder to find and slightly more expensive than the regular flavor.

Regular vanilla flavor

Most vanilla ice cream purchased at the store or at a restaurant is considered regular. This type of frozen dessert is typically mass-produced, so it is cheaper. Vanilla extract, rather than natural beans, is used to give this variety its flavor. Because the liquid extract is used, you cannot actually see the vanilla as you can in vanilla bean ice cream.

Similarities and differences

Both regular vanilla and vanilla bean ice cream are made with similar ingredients. They both have vanilla flavor and are typically white in color. Either type can be purchased at the store or made at home. The main difference between the two is the substance used to give this treat its familiar flavors. Actual beans are used in vanilla bean ice cream, while only liquid extract is used in the regular version. Vanilla bean is easy to spot since you can visibly see small black grains throughout the product. The regular flavor can be determined by its uniformity in color.

As mentioned above, many people have a particular preference when it comes to vanilla ice cream. Both are great choices that taste delicious when paired with pie or other baked treats.

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