Business Cooperatives: American Freedoms In Business

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching. On this patriotic day, we reflect on the importance of freedom in the lives of Americans. As Americans, we have the right to live as we wish, to do what makes us happy. We have the opportunity to express ourselves freely through our religion, speech, and associations. We have the ability to provide for ourselves and our families by having whatever job or owning whatever business we choose. We have a chance to band together for mutual benefit in support groups, business associations, and political groups. What do the Fourth of July and the freedoms it represents have to do with business? Many people embrace the freedoms we enjoy to open their own business. Unfortunately, many look towards franchises that offer an established brand, only to realize their freedom in business is limited.

The reality of owning a franchise

After you open a franchise, you may start to feel that your freedom to operate your business as you choose is limited by a strict franchise agreement. A franchisee must run day-to-day operations according to uniform practices required by the franchisor. Many basic business decisions are dictated from the top. That can include the number of employees per shift, the operating hours, the pricing, and the royalties that must be paid to the franchisor.

Most likely, with a franchise, you will not have the freedom to add or subtract things from your product offering. A franchisee must only use corporate approved products. Any deviation from the franchise “plan” is not allowed.

Although there are many franchises that offer support, many times you are more alone than you would ever expect. A franchise owner has no say in corporate decisions. If the corporation wants to remove the most successful item on your menu, you have no say. A franchise can be cancelled if the franchisor does not like the way a franchise owner is running a business.

Franchise royalties are based on earnings. Those royalties could have stayed in your pocket in the form of profits. The more you earn, the more you pay. Freedom may not be what you feel now.

What business model gives you the freedom you deserve?

The freedoms that America was built on are much the same freedoms you get when you adopt a cooperative business model. You have the freedom to run your business as you wish. You get to handle day-to-day operations in whatever makes sense for your location. You get to make your own business decisions for yourself. But you have the support of other coop members for guidance and education.

You decide how many employees you have on each shift and the operating hours that make sense for your clientele. You decide the prices you charge. You choose the products that you carry and you have the ability to evaluate and make changes to what products you offer. This allows you to be responsive to your area, to the season, and to special events going on.

As an owner, you are also a member of the cooperative with a vote in all matters that affect the coop.  You also have access to education, support and camaraderie that is not generally found in a franchise environment.

Get the freedom of the co-op business model

Kaleidoscoops offers you the chance to own your own business with the freedom you deserve. You have a business with a proven product and business model. Limited fees and reasonable start up costs help you realize more profits. If you want to learn more about the cooperative business model and the KaleidoScoops brand, call us today at (877) 426-8488. You can also connect with us via email by clicking on Contact Us. Click here to read more About Us and for more information on becoming a KaleidoScoops co-op owner.