5 Steps To Opening Your Own Ice Cream Shop

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

If you’ve made the decision to sell ice cream, there are five steps to follow on the journey to owning your own ice cream shop. Be sure to do some market research in your area and make a budget for your new business. Being part of a co-op makes it easier to open your own ice cream shop. You will need supplies for your new business, such as freezers and blenders. Also, understand the state licensing for new businesses in your area and get more information from an ice cream shop with experience.

Market research

Before you dive in to your new ice cream business, do some research to assess your target audience and the demographic in your area. Do you have competition? Are there other ice cream shops in your town? Where will your shop be? Is it in a central location, maybe near schools so kids will have easy access to your store? Is your community a family-oriented place where families go out together for ice cream? Scout the area to determine the best place for your shop as well as who you’re gearing your advertisements to. This information will help you once you’re ready to open your store.


The most important part of opening a new business is budgeting. You need to figure out how much startup money, or capital, you need to begin your ice cream shop. Luckily, owning a co-op is much less costly than owning a franchise. The beginning fees are 30-60% less than franchise fees, so you’re already saving money right at the start. You’ll also need to figure in construction fees if you are building a shop from scratch and add that to your investment costs. Owning a co-op not only gives you control of your own business, but it’s also much cheaper to start, which leaves you more money for supplies to set up your new ice cream shop.


If you’re a co-op owner and not a franchise member, buying supplies isn’t as much of a hassle. Instead of purchasing all of your items directly from a franchise, you can compare prices and buy the items you think are best for your ice cream shop. Some of the things you will need include tables and chairs, freezers, prep tables, blenders, mixers, and of course, your product. You will have a wider variety of choices within the co-op and other co-op members can help you find the best deals for your investment.


With a co-op, you will have to pay a one-time fee as well as yearly dues that are much less expensive than franchise costs. As far as licensing goes, each state has its own requirements. You will also need to brush up on state regulations for hiring before you staff your new store, as well as look up tax codes for your new business venture.

For more information on opening your own ice cream shop

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