5 Steps For Creating An Ice Cream Sundae At Home

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Ice cream sundaes are a classic dessert that nearly everyone can enjoy. Sundaes are fun and easy to put together too. To make a great sundae, all you need is ice cream, your favorite toppings, and some creativity. The following five steps will help you make the perfect ice cream sundaes any day of the week.

Choose your serving bowls

Your ice cream sundae will be enjoyable in whatever container you choose. Usually, ice cream sundaes are served in round dishes, plastic cups, or tulip sundae glasses. If you want to make a banana split, consider using a long, oval shaped container. Whatever the case, have fun with your serving ware and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Create a sundae base

Put two to three scoops of an ice cream of your choice on the bottom of your dish. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors are tasty classics choices for a sundae. Although these favorite flavors are traditionally used for this dessert, don’t be afraid to try something new. After your base has been placed, your sundae will be ready for sauce and toppings.

Drizzle your sauce

A classic ice cream sundae is bound to include melted hot fudge, caramel, or strawberry drizzle. It is best to warm these sauces before you put them onto your treat because they will come out easily when warm. Use a spoon to scoop sauce or buy a sauce that comes in a squeezable container to make this step easier.

Add some toppings

There are dozens of topping options to choose from. You can use just about anything your heart desires. Common toppings include chopped nuts, sprinkles, candies, marshmallows, and shredded coconut. Whatever you have around the house will likely work, such as chocolate chips, sliced fruit, or gummy bears. You may consider crushing up some of your favorite candy and adding it to your sundae as well.

Finishing touches

A traditional ice cream sundae would not be complete without some whipped cream added to the top. Spray the whipped cream into a nice spiral on top of your treat. After you place your whipped cream, add a maraschino cherry on top as a finishing touch.

Making sundaes at home is a great way to enjoy this treat anytime you want. If you would like to skip the hassle of having to prepare this dessert yourself and have access to many more flavor options, visit Kaleidoscoops today. To learn more about our premium ice cream products and other desserts, call us today at (877) 426-8488 or Contact Us by email. If you are interested in opening your own ice cream shop, you can also Get The Scoop on becoming part of the KaleidoScoops cooperative.