3 Tips For Planning An Employee Ice Cream Social

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Planning an ice cream social at work is a great way to spend time unwinding with co-workers and getting to know them better. Ice cream is the perfect party food and there are endless ways to serve this frozen treat. Consider the following things when planning your ice cream social to ensure everyone has a memorable time.

Ice cream social venue

Choose an inviting venue that will entice your employees to relax and enjoy their time. Ice cream parlors with a party space are one great option. You could even choose an outdoor space at your location or a picnic area at a nearby park. Even a deck at a supervisor’s home would make an excellent setting for an ice cream social. Just make sure your venue is a nice, bright place to gather with friends. Choosing to have your event at an ice cream shop, even one without a party room, would most likely be easier than hosting one elsewhere.

Flavors and ice cream toppings

You should have some ordinary ice cream flavors available like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. However, you can also add a few uncommon offerings to the selection. Toppings will be another necessity to make the ice cream social successful. Offer various toppings like hot fudge, sprinkles, caramel, nuts, and candies. Also, you should have cherries and whipped cream to top it all off. Don’t forget to purchase some waffle cones and bowls to hold the dessert.

Decorations and supplies

Place a tablecloth over the buffet table and top it with clear containers in various shapes and sizes. The clear containers make it easy for guests to see what toppings and flavors are inside. Suggest that supervisors wear aprons and do the ice cream scooping. This is a nice way for them to serve their employees and show appreciation. With any frozen treat, things are likely to get a bit messy as it melts. Solve this problem by placing a basket on the table filled with wet wipes so those with dripping ice cream can clean their hands.

Fun employee competition

Add some fun to your event by hosting a friendly competition between your employees. Split employees into teams and have them concoct an original flavor of ice cream by mixing them together. Choose judges to select the winning dessert. You could then award a prize like an extra hour at lunch or movie tickets.

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