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Are you interested in starting your own ice cream shop? The process of opening an ice cream shop is exciting, but it also comes with a lot of risks. Avoiding risks means avoiding the mistakes that many entrepreneurs make to increase your odds of succeeding. The biggest mistake that many startup entrepreneurs is not having enough capital. It is important for startup entrepreneurs to know why a cooperative is the best choice when it comes to capital and opening an ice cream shop.

Don’t make the mistake of not having enough capital

The biggest mistake that start-up entrepreneurs make is not starting with enough capital. Capital is the amount of money or other assets that a person or organization contributes toward a specific purpose, including starting an ice cream shop. The requirements for starting a new ice cream shop can range from acquiring inventory to hiring a marketing team. Many entrepreneurs assume that they can start small financially and then spend more money as they make more. However, minimizing too much on capital will compromise the success of your ice cream shop.

If you would like to open a premium ice cream shop, one of the best ways to avoid the mistake of not having enough capital is joining a cooperative. Look for an ice cream shop cooperative that has a membership buy-in, like KaleidoScoops. When you buy a share or a membership, you are paying for a share in the cooperative organization.

Understanding franchises and cooperatives

Most franchises charge franchising, advertising, and royalty fees in the range of $15,000 to $40,000. By comparison, a typical cooperative start-up cost is thirty to sixty percent of these terms for an upfront cash payment. With a franchise, you'll be responsible for an advertising fee of one and three percent of your total earnings. The royalty fee for a franchise is four and seven percent of your total earnings. The cooperative business model does not have any of these fees. You'll have a one time cooperative membership fee and yearly cooperative dues, which amount to a fraction of the franchise fees.

The franchise structure limits the way that you can run your business. You won't have the option to introduce new products or alter the signage or advertising color scheme. You'll also be stuck running national promotions and other specials that may not be of interest to your local target audience.

Many franchise agreements require their ice cream shop owners to buy all of their supplies and ingredients directly from the franchise. Buying from these franchises is required, even when there are cheaper options available. With a cooperative business model, you can maximize the economies of scale that come from the group's buying power to get the best prices available.

By becoming a member of a cooperative, you also get the benefits of having certain industry standards that help you maintain a reputable shop. You can tailor your ice cream shop to the local customer base and add unique touches that reflect your own personality. For example, if you are passionate about a local sports team, you can decorate your ice cream shop with team items during the season. With a cooperative, you'll never have a corporate bureaucracy dictating how your ice cream shop will be managed. This freedom allows you to make choices that align with the needs and preferences of your customers.

KaleidoScoops is proud to have cooperative members that are dedicated to their local neighborhoods. It is important to us that our ice cream shop owners stay connected to local happenings. For example, if a cooperative ice cream shop member wants to support a local school or partner with a local business, we encourage them to do so.

For the past fifteen years, KaleidoScoops has been giving entrepreneurs all around the country the opportunity to open their own ice cream shops. You get the wide range of benefits that come with a franchise, while maintaining the flexibility and control that you desire. You can run your ice cream shop the way that you see fit, with access to valuable knowledge from experienced fellow cooperative members. If you would like more information about KaleidoScoops premium ice cream shops and our products, call us today at (877) 426-8488. Get The Scoop on becoming part of the KaleidoScoops cooperative. You can also Contact Us by email by filling out our contact form.

<![CDATA[Storing Ice Cream Cake In The Freezer]]>Thu, 19 Nov 2015 18:34:46 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/storing-ice-cream-cake-in-the-freezerIf you’ve had ice cream cake for a birthday party or other special occasion, then you probably realize why someone would want to save any leftovers. This frozen dessert is perfect for a special occasion or just for a personal treat. Here are some tips for storing your ice cream cake in the freezer and knowing what ingredients and equipment work best for this.

General guidelines for storing ice cream cake in the freezer

As a general guideline, any leftover ice cream cake can be stored in the freezer and consumed within seven days. Put leftovers away as soon as possible and store them in an airtight container, such as a plastic freezer container. Avoid glass containers, since they will cause the this dessert to freeze slower, increasing the potential for freezer burn. Depending on the shape and size of your cake pieces, you could store them in plastic freezer wrap and put them in a zip top bag. Either of these methods will protect your leftover ice cream cake better than leaving it in the box.   

The seven day guideline is appropriate for most home freezers and will help ensure your ice cream cake stays fresh until it has been completely eaten. Eventually, ice crystals can form on the ice cream cake causing freezer burn. While this dessert is usually still safe to eat, it will have a very unpleasant flavor and probably will look unappetizing, too.

Know your ice cream cake ingredients and freezer equipment

It is possible to keep ice cream cake in the freezer for longer than seven days, but its freshness depend on a few things. The longer you keep the dessert in the freezer, the more likely it will be to change in taste or texture. If your ice cream cake does not contain any cream cheese, whipped cream, eggs, or buttercream frosting or filling, it may keep for up to two months. These ingredients tend to separate and require remixing after freezing or change texture when frozen and thawed.

How long your ice cream cake will keep also depends on how good your freezer is. A high quality appliance with a good seal and consistent temperature that is low enough will keep your ice cream cake fresh for longer. Frequent or sizeable temperature changes cause freezer burn. To prevent freezer burn, store your dessert in the back of the freezer where the temperature is colder and more consistent. Placing the treat in the back will keep it away from any warm air that gets in when the freezer door is opened.

With the proper storage methods, your leftover ice cream cake can be safely stored in the freezer for you to enjoy later. If you would like more information about ice cream cakes or any other premium ice cream products, contact KaleidoScoops today! Give us a call at (877) 426-8488 or send us an email by clicking on Contact Us. Interested in owning your own ice cream shop? Get The Scoop about our company and becoming a KaleidoScoops co-op owner. ​]]>
<![CDATA[How To Run An Ice Cream Parlor]]>Thu, 19 Nov 2015 18:29:40 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/how-to-run-an-ice-cream-parlorRunning your own ice cream parlor can be a fun experience. Just like any other business venture, there are tasks that must be done before you begin running an ice cream parlor. It is important to have a business plan for your parlor and to prepare a budget and raise capital. You must also choose a location, fill staffing needs, and choose products for your business.

Have a business plan for your ice cream parlor

Developing a business plan will help you on your path to success with your ice cream parlor. A plan gives you a clearer vision of your business and what you plan to achieve. A business plan will be necessary to secure funding for your ice cream parlor initially and in the future, when you may need to expand the parlor.   

Prepare a budget and raise capital for your ice cream parlor

There is always some initial financial investment required for any business.  Rent needs to be paid, equipment needs to be bought, and staff needs to be hired. Capital will pay for all of these items and anything else necessary to get your ice cream parlor started. Create a detailed and specific budget and include every scenario possible. Also, add in a buffer for unexpected costs. Don’t forget to include the cost of the products you will be selling in your ice cream parlor.

Choose a location for your ice cream parlor

Every ice cream parlor owner wants a good location, because location can be the difference between success and failure. You should know what kind of customers you hope to attract and if your location will be accessible to them before opening your parlor. Foot traffic, parking, and visibility should all be things you consider about your business location.  

You will also need to consider the condition of the building you are in.  An ice cream parlor is an establishment where food is served, so the building must be sanitary and remain that way. Make sure to be realistic about any repairs or remodeling that would be required and account for the money necessary to complete them in your budget.

Hire staffing for your ice cream parlor

Running your own ice cream parlor has many factors, so you will need to hire staff to assist you. Keep in mind that tasks such as paperwork and cleaning the bathrooms will need to be done, while still providing excellent customer service. Be realistic about how much work you personally can do and how much time is required to complete tasks and hire staff accordingly.

Choosing products for your ice cream products

You should consider what ice cream products you will sell in your parlor. There are plenty of flavors of ice cream, so be sure to offer flavors that will keep your customers coming back. You’ll also want to have everything you need to make sundaes and milkshakes or any other specialty treats, as this offers customers variety.  

Offering premium products helps you maximize your profits. There are also probably a few non-ice cream items you want to sell as well. For example, selling cold bottled water might make a lot of sense if it has a profit margin that is acceptable to you. If your parlor is in an area with a lot of foot traffic, many customers purchasing water could end up buying ice cream too.  

Becoming a successful ice cream parlor owner requires planning and hard work. However, knowing that you have followed the best steps for becoming successful will be worth the effort. If you would like more information about premium ice cream products or owning an ice cream parlor, call KaleidoScoops at (877) 426-8488 or Contact Us by email. Get The Scoop on becoming part of the KaleidoScoops cooperative today!

<![CDATA[Cooperatives And Other Funding Options For Small Businesses]]>Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:46:32 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/cooperatives-and-other-funding-options-for-small-businessesGetting the money to start a small business is a struggle for many beginning entrepreneurs. These professionals want to own a small business, but they do not have the capital to get things started. It is important for entrepreneurs to understand the options for funding small businesses and what a cooperative is. It is also good to understand some examples of how cooperative businesses, or co-ops, work and how to become part of one.

What are the options for funding a small business?

The most obvious choice for funding a small business is a loan. However, business loans require having the collateral to cover the loan which is typically not an option for a small business start-up.

Another funding option is a business grant. Some federal programs and state agencies offer grants to help small businesses get started. There are strict requirements for getting a grant and there are usually strings attached on how business owners can use the money.

Investors are a third option for funding a small business. An investor wants to see that you have a solid plan and the experience to make your business successful. In many cases, an investor will want to have a say in how your business is managed, but will not take part in day to day management functions.

Partners are a fourth funding option for a small business. By taking on a partner, you agree to give a large portion of your business ownership to that partner. Partners differ from investors in the fact that they take an active role in running the small business and making day to day decisions.

What is a cooperative?

The concept of a cooperative has its roots in human history. When humans started gathering into communities, they started managing and sharing common resources for the good of the larger community. Today's co-operative business model is based off these methods. A cooperative, in business terms, is a legal entity owned and controlled by its members. Each member of the cooperative has a say in how the cooperative runs. A co-op often shares the entity's earnings among its members, based on their participation in the enterprise.

Examples of how cooperatives work

KaleidoScoops is a national ice cream cooperative, where each store owner is a member of the co-op. All of the store owners elect a board of directors to determine how the cooperative parts of the business are managed. The organization as a whole creates standards and manages the corporate identity.

A store owner within the KaleidoScoops cooperative has a great deal of freedom, especially compared to being part of a franchise. Co-op store owners have a national brand of premium ice cream to sell in a stand-alone store or as an addition to their existing small business. There are no franchise fees or royalties involved. Only a minimal annual membership fee is required from the owner to be part of the cooperative.

Each owner manages their own small business, without constant corporate intervention, but there are some regulations that must be followed. To be a part of the cooperative, owners must use the KaleidoScoops ice cream products and appropriate signage. Co-op owners cannot have dirty stores or tamper with the cooperative brand. However, there is no one constantly telling the cooperative owner to run certain specials or make their employees sell a certain amount of product. Each owner has input at the cooperative level about changing standards or adding new products.

A cooperative offers all the power of a national franchise without the high fees and corporate control that a franchisee has to handle. Members of the KaleidoScoops cooperative get the discounts and shared marketing of a larger business with the perks of owning a small business.

How start a cooperative business

If you want to open your own small business, but don't want to deal with the inconveniences of other small business funding options, consider KaleidoScoops. With an established national brand and some of the best hand-dipped ice cream in the world, you can have the small business you want. By joining a co-op, you can accomplish your dreams without the need to take on investors or partners, or join a franchise.

If you would like more information about co-ops, Get The Scoop on becoming part of the KaleidoScoops cooperative. If you would like more information about KaleidoScoops premium ice cream products, call us today at (877) 426-8488. You can also connect via email by clicking on Contact Us.

<![CDATA[Go Co-op]]>Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:41:56 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/go-co-opHave you ever heard of a co-op? A co-op, short for cooperative, is simply a group of people who agree to work together for their mutual benefit. This association is purely voluntary and can be for social, economic, or cultural benefit. It is important for those wishing to open a business to understand the co-op business model and its benefits. If you are interested in joining a co-op, there are many ways to get started.

The co-op business model and its benefits

The concept of the cooperative goes back to ancient man organizing into tribes and clans. These groups could work together to accomplish more food production, shelter building, and protection than a single person or family group could achieve. Banding together made life and survival much easier. Today, the idea of a group of people coming together to achieve more than an individual continues. Modern cooperative enterprises take on many forms, but all serve for the benefit of the organization's members. All over the world, you can find food, energy, credit union, farmer, worker, housing, and retail co-ops, just to name a few.

Quite simply, the modern co-op movement is enhancing the lives of its members. Each member has a vote or a voice in how the association runs, what it does, and the benefits it offers. A larger investor does not get more votes than a smaller investor. This business model allows its members to gain the advantages of deeper discounts, as well as better products and services. The co-op continues to exist even if one member leaves or another one joins. A group of people gain the experience and benefits of a co-op in a way that other businesses cannot provide.

A co-op also helps you enjoy the benefits of social networking. When you become part of a cooperative, you have an opportunity to meet people you would not have had a chance to meet otherwise. Being a part of this type of business expands your network and provides a richer working experience.

Are you interested in joining a co-op?

If you are interested in being part of a co-op, there are many ways that you can accomplish this. The easiest way to become a part of this type of business is to join a local co-op. You can easily join a credit union, or become part of a local food co-op. You can even join a retailer's co-op. Each type of cooperative will bring you many benefits that you never thought you would have access to.

You can purchase products and services from co-ops. Many food co-ops are open to the public. Even if you are not a member of the business, you will see better prices than your local grocery store. You can find plenty of companies working under this model, like KaleidoScoops.

You can join a co-op by investing in one. As long as you meet the minimal terms of membership, you can invest into a co-op business. For example, as long as you can pay the membership fees and cover the costs of set-up, you can own and operate your own KaleidoScoops store.

You can learn more about how co-operative enterprises before joining one. Co-ops are a model for people around the world who want to build a better future. Research how this business model is helping people in poverty stricken areas of the world build a better life, as well as in your own community.

Make an investment into your future by joining KaleidoScoops. We are a cooperative that offers high quality ice cream products to members located throughout the U.S. If you would like more information about KaleidoScoops premium ice cream products, call us today at (877) 426-8488. Get The Scoop on becoming part of the KaleidoScoops cooperative. You can also connect with us through email by clicking on Contact Us.

<![CDATA[Desserts That Go Good With Chocolate Ice Cream]]>Wed, 11 Nov 2015 21:56:55 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/desserts-that-go-good-with-chocolate-ice-creamA scoop of chocolate ice cream is a classic dessert that will please many palates all on its own. However, if you have been yearning for something more, try pairing this frozen treat with another dessert for a whole new level of delicious. Other desserts that go good with chocolate ice cream include cakes and brownies, pies, waffles or crepes, and cookies.

Cakes and brownies

Cake and chocolate ice cream is a classic combination and one you probably experienced at many birthday parties as a child. For a more classic dessert, yellow, white or vanilla cake with a buttercream frosting is always a winner when paired with this frozen treat. For chocolate lovers, a molten chocolate lava cake can help you get your fix. The warm cake, along with the gooey “lava” middle compliments the cold, creaminess of the ice cream.

Another similar dessert option is brownies. A warm, chewy brownie with a scoop of chocolate ice cream is great for chocolate lovers. If you are in the mood for more of a flavor contrast, try blondies instead.


Pie a-la-mode is a delicious way to combine dessert flavors. Bananas are often paired with chocolate, so a banana cream pie with a scoop of this frozen treat could be a possibility. Another popular flavor to pair with chocolate is peanut butter. A scoop of this frozen treat might be just what you need to go with a slice of peanut butter pie. If you are concerned about “chocolate overload”, look for a recipe with a plain crust. Other pie flavors that could work well with chocolate ice cream are fruit flavors. Raspberry, strawberry, and cherry are all popular combinations that go well with chocolate.

Waffles or crepes

There are many recipes out there for dessert waffles or dessert crepes. These waffles and crepes are a little different and sweeter than the kind you are used to making for breakfast. However, this food would be wonderful with some chocolate ice cream on top, some whipped cream, and a little drizzle of your favorite sauce.


A soft cookie accompanying a scoop of ice cream is a simple and wonderful way to end your favorite meal. If you are looking for a flavor that won’t overload your taste buds, a sugar cookie works well here. Chocolate chip cookies are a popular dessert choice too.

Looking for a different way to combine cookies and chocolate ice cream? Try crushing or crumbling your favorite cookies and sprinkle them over the top of the ice cream. This will add a little crunch that is a nice counterpoint to the soft smooth texture of the ice cream. Another way to incorporate cookies into your ice cream dessert is to use them to make ice cream sandwiches. Two cookies with a scoop of ice cream squished between them is a fun treat for everyone!

Chocolate ice cream can be a very versatile dessert option. For more information about KaleidoScoops ice cream products, give us a call at (877) 426-8488. Interested in owning your own ice cream shop? Get The Scoop on becoming part of the KaleidoScoops cooperative. You can also connect with us via e-mail by clicking on Contact Us. ]]>
<![CDATA[The Differences Between Ice Cream And Gelato]]>Wed, 11 Nov 2015 21:52:33 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/the-differences-between-ice-cream-and-gelatoDo you know the difference between ice cream and gelato? Both are wonderfully creamy and delicious frozen desserts, but the differences in ingredients and production method result in some differences in the finished product. The main differences between ice cream and gelato are fat content, ingredients, air content, and temperature.

Differences of the fat content in ice cream and gelato

One of the basics of ice cream composition is the fat content. The minimum requirement set by the FDA for ice cream states that it must have at least ten percent milkfat by weight. While there is no FDA definition for gelato, in Italy, it must meet a 3.5 percent milkfat requirement. The differences in the amount of milkfat is due to differences in ingredients. Ice cream contains more cream than milk, which contains more fat. Gelato uses whole milk as the main ingredient, which means it contains more milk than cream.

Ingredient differences between ice cream and gelato

Although the basic ingredient difference between ice cream and gelato relates to cream and milk, there are some other differences as well. The amount of sugar or other sweetener is largely dependent on what flavor of frozen dessert you order and what toppings are served with it. Using the basic product, gelato will usually contain a little less sugar content. Sugar content can affect how the dessert freezes, and since gelato is not as hard as ice cream, it requires less.

Ice cream also commonly uses eggs in the base to stabilize the product, containing up to 1.4 percent egg yolk per FDA regulations. If the product contains more than 1.4 percent egg yolk, it must be labeled frozen custard. Gelato generally does not contain any egg, although custard based flavors of the frozen dessert do contain the ingredient.   

Differences between the air content within ice cream and gelato

During the freezing process, air is incorporated into ice cream and increases the volume, giving it a fluffier texture. Cheaply made versions of the dessert often have around fifty percent of the volume as air. Premium ice creams contain more milkfat and more milk solids, so there is much less room for air, resulting in a denser, creamier product. While gelato has a different texture, it is also a denser and creamier product and contains much less air. Gelato is churned at a slower speed and the final product is typically twenty-five to thirty percent air.

Differences between the temperatures of ice cream and gelato

Because gelato is softer than regular ice cream and does not undergo an additional hardening step, it is stored and served at a warmer temperature. This temperature is usually somewhere between hard ice cream and soft serve, around the ten to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit range.

No matter which dessert you choose, ice cream and gelato can both make the perfect treat. If you would like more information about KaleidoScoops premium ice cream products, call us today at (877) 426-8488. Get The Scoop on becoming part of the KaleidoScoops cooperative. You can also connect with us via email by clicking on Contact Us.

<![CDATA[´╗┐Using A Milkshake Machine Vs. Blender]]>Wed, 11 Nov 2015 21:48:59 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/using-a-milkshake-machine-vs-blenderDrinking a milkshake is a fun way to sip your favorite ice cream flavors. Ice cream combined with milk creates a traditional treat, but modern milkshakes can include add-ins like fruit or candy. No milkshake is complete without whipped cream and a cherry on top. While there are several ways to make this delicious treat, not all of them yield the same result. Let’s explore why using a professional milkshake machine instead of a household blender is the best way to ensure the consistency and taste are on point. We will look at the differences between using a machine or a blender as well as the benefits of using a milkshake machine.

Differences between using a milkshake machine or a blender

For starters, milkshake machines are specifically created for one purpose; to make high quality milkshakes. The machines are built to make the perfect tasty product, and they work quickly and flawlessly to provide you with the best milkshake available. Using a longer shaft, these machines take less time to blend up the ingredients than an actual blender. The special shaft also keeps your treat thicker, creamier and colder than a blender.

When you pour ice cream and milk into a regular blender, it swirls around but does not get thoroughly blended. A milkshake machine combines the components completely for a more delicious taste that isn't watery or thin. This machine gives you more control over your creation. You can aim the stem wherever you need more blending. This control ensures the treat is evenly blended, a regular blender cannot compare.

A milkshake machine also froths the milk and ice cream, making a thicker, tastier treat with just the right consistency. The stem aerates the ingredients, while a blender simply rotates the ingredients. Getting the right thickness is one of the most important factors of the perfect milkshake.

Benefits of using a milkshake machine

Milkshake machines have no blades; therefore, they are safer than blenders since there is less risk of injury. This machine has one job, and the user-friendly controls are made to accomplish it without the aid of complicated settings or buttons.

Additionally, if there is leftover product, you can leave it in the chilled mixing cup and give it to customers like an old-fashioned soda fountain. If you use a blender, the leftover product must be poured into a different container, usually uncooled.

Milkshake machines are also durable and should last many years. These machines are made of stainless steel, die-cast metal, and chrome, and include a powerful motor that won't burn out like blenders do with excessive use.

A high-performance milkshake machine can whip up other types of creamy drinks, including fruit smoothies, frozen coffee creations, and fresh fruit-filled milkshakes. You can even add pieces of cookies, nuts, or candy to the machine to make a sweet treat with something a little extra inside. If your business is booming and milkshakes are high in demand, you can purchase a machine that blends two or three drinks at the same time.

Use your milkshake machine for old-fashioned malts, healthy frozen yogurt smoothies, or malted milk concoctions. This versatile machine is not limited to simply milkshakes, but an array of frozen drinks that your customers are sure to love.

For more information

If you would like more information about KaleidoScoops premium ice cream products, call us today at (877) 426-8488. You can also connect with us via email by clicking on Contact Us. Interested in owning your own ice cream shop? Get The Scoop on becoming part of the KaleidoScoops cooperative. ]]>
<![CDATA[Types Of Ice Cream Businesses]]>Mon, 19 Oct 2015 21:06:39 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/types-of-ice-cream-businessesOne of the biggest advantages to owning your own business is that you get to do things your way. You get to put your own unique set of skills to work implementing ideas that will help your business be successful. One thing that sets the ice cream business apart is its versatility. There are several options to get your business going, such as traditional ice cream shops and portable stands or hand trucks. There are also plenty of different ways to operate your business depending on what your goals are.

Traditional ice cream shops

Most of us are familiar with the traditional ice cream shops. A permanent location with indoor or outdoor seating has several options for differentiating itself from the competition. The variety of flavors and toppings you offer along with the quality of the product can help your business stand out. You can focus on a particular kind of product, such as sundaes or offer ice cream in addition to other desserts. You could also go with a themed décor to add to the fun atmosphere. If that sounds like more than you are ready to take on, even small ice cream stands without much more than a window and a bench can be successful.

Portable ice cream stands or hand trucks

Portable ice cream stands or hand trucks can also sell ice cream and be a good option if you are looking to operate a seasonal business. Even in colder climates some ice cream stores stay open all year. Big summer events like concerts, neighborhood festivals, and sporting events can be a good way to grow your business and gain a presence in the community. You can also serve a wider area and wouldn’t have to depend as much on customers coming to you – you can go to them.

The location of a business is always key to its success. However, the popularity and universal appeal of ice cream means you have more places that you can be successful than some other businesses do. An ice cream business can be store fronts or even mobile, making a wide range of locations available to you.

If you are interested in starting your own ice cream business, Get The Scoop on becoming a KaleidoScoops co-op owner. Cooperatives give you the freedom to enjoy owning your own business. Give us a call at (877) 426-8488 for more information about cooperatives or our premium ice cream products. You can also contact us via e-mail by clicking on Contact Us.

<![CDATA[Marketing Strategies For Ice Cream Parlors]]>Mon, 19 Oct 2015 21:01:56 GMThttp://www.kalscoops.com/blog/marketing-strategies-for-ice-cream-parlorsEven though almost everyone loves ice cream, some marketing is necessary to create consumer demand within the community. This marketing also helps make sure your customer base is aware they can satisfy their needs at your ice cream parlor. Start by gaining good public relations and make your business stand out. Also, use traditional promotional strategies, such as coupons or buy one get one free offers. These marketing strategies will help your ice cream parlor be a successful business that you enjoy owning.

Gain good public relations

Good public relations can promote brand awareness and create demand for your ice cream product. Good public relations can also show your customers that you have a connection to and are an important part of the community. The good feelings generated about your ice cream parlor will make customers more likely to purchase from you instead of your competition.

Use every resource available to let people know about your new ice cream parlor. A well written press release for the local media about your grand opening can possibly get you some free publicity. People are often curious about what is going on when they see activity in a vacant building, so take advantage of that. Banners and signs that let your potential customers know when your ice cream parlor will be opening can be used during the construction phase. Many towns or neighborhoods have websites about local happenings and listings of local businesses. Let them know about your grand opening or any other special events. Building an internet presence and being active on social media will also get the word out to your customers.

Other ways to show you are an important part of your community are sponsoring an adult or kids’ recreational league sports team and participating in or donating product to school functions. You will easily create brand awareness. When people see your ice cream parlor’s name in conjunction with these activities, they will start to have good feelings about you too.    

Make your ice cream parlor stand out

Offering premium ice cream products and high quality service are one way to stand out. There may be other ice cream parlors in your city that sell soft serve with a limited flavor selection and a fast food type of experience. However, you can offer something different. There are always people willing to pay for high quality products, good service and variety.

While there is no disputing the popularity of a simple vanilla or chocolate cone, variety is the spice of life. Most of us don’t want the same thing all the time. Unusual and unique flavor combinations and seasonal flavors can go a long way to encourage return customers. Limited availability creates demand and seasonal flavors can offer variety without a complete menu overhaul. You may be able to use this strategy as an opportunity to connect with your customer base as well. For example, taking a flavor or ingredient that is popular in the local cuisine and offering it in an ice cream flavor can make your products more relevant to your customers.

Use traditional promotional strategies

There’s a reason businesses still use coupons, buy one get one free offers, and other special promotions. It’s because these promotional strategies work. Today’s businesses may offer them as a special e-mail promotional coupon, or social media promotion, but the idea is the same. Give your customers an incentive to spend their money at your ice cream parlor.

Running a successful ice cream parlor can be a rewarding career choice. If you would like additional information about becoming a KaleidoScoops co-op owner, Get The Scoop today! For more information about our premium ice cream products, give us a call at (877) 426-8488. You can also connect with us via e-mail by clicking on Contact Us.]]>